Here you will find interesting links and websites we found during our research. Also the people and organisations who collaborated with us by giving permission to publish their photos are named.

We are still working on this section to create a final lay-out.

Updated: 12-04-2013

Cooperating persons:

Germany: Dietl: for sharing photos and help with research / advise.
Germany: O. Hermann: for sharing photos

Norway:   Håvard: for advise and research / advise.
Norway:   Dolmen: for sharing photos.
Norway:   Erik E: for sharing photos (Atlantikwall Research Norway, see below)
Norway:   Håvard: for sharing photos
Norway:   Ole Sandmo: for sharing photos
Norway:   Svein Georg Vaagland: for sharing photos
Norway:   Bismark: for sharing photos
Norway:   Vevang (Jarle Larsen) for sharing photos


Cooperating websites:

Thomas has collected a impressive collection of photos of batterys in Norway. Its definitely worth a visit, the battery's are catagorised on codes and locations. 
Pavel, thank you very much for your cooperation ! On this site you can find more interesting photos about WWII gun emplacements and guns in Finland.
This site offers lots of photos and reports of tours they made. Also you can buy interresting books about the Atlantikwall, written by them. Further you can find detailed information regarding batterys.
Jean has develloped a site with hundreds of models of regelbau bunkers. Its worth a visit ! Thank you Jean for your cooperation. De Haagse Bunker Ploeg gaat verder dan alleen het onderzoeken van bunkers en hun geschiedenis. Zij graven deze bunkers op en maken daar fotos / verslag van. Zeker de moeite waard om te bezoeken.



Interesting links:
Een van de betere forums over krijgs gegeschiedenis.